Saturday, June 12, 2004

Ever wonder how ridiculous belief sounds to the non-believer?

I am not a believer, I like to think of myself as a thinker. I know that even as a critical thinker I still hold beliefs. For example I have a belief that all laws and rules should be secular. An example is in many parts of the world, homesexuals cannot be married, why is this? Well because many of the laws pertaining to this were made strictly from a belief perspective and not a secular perspective. If these rules/laws were made on a secular basis all human beings including homosexuals would be treated equal. Why would they be treated equal you might ask? Because they are human beings just like everyone else and there is nothing save their sexual orientation that makes them different and I had hardly classify that as "different". Every rule or law should go through a simple test, here is the test and answers for same sex marriage.

Should same sex partners be allowed to legally marry?

Question 1
  • Q How does this affect the individuals involved?
  • A It would allow the individuals to be accepted in the society they are a part of, it would make them a level citizen and in summary would be good for them.

    Question 2
  • Q How does this affect the individuals that are not involved?
  • A It does not affect them in the least, this does not interfere with non-participants nor does it diminish anything that non-participants currently have.

    Question 3
  • Q How does this affect the society as a whole?
  • A This would bring positive changes to the society as a whole. All citizens of the society would benefit because a level of tolerance for differences would be introduced and re-enforced. More tolerance equals less hate crimes less crimes mean less wasted money on policing, health care, support services and a happier population as a whole. A happier, healthier society means a more productive society.

    Conclusion: Same sex marriages should be allowed legally everywhere in the world.

    The above test is an over simplification however what I am trying to illustrate is that I believe a secular system is better then a non-secular system. It is truly a belief but it has some seemingly critical thinking to back up that belief. Unfortunately many believe simply for the sake of believing and do not apply any critical thinking to that belief. The following article on is a rather humorous example of when one persons belief gets out of hand. The Fabulous QXCI Quack Machine

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    You're presenting a very interesting perspective. That being said, I'd throw back a different thought.

    As citizens in a free society we should be striving for goals that make us more "free". Members of the same gender should be allowed to marry (regardless of orientation) because it gives us all more freedom to choose with whom we want to marry. We choose whether or not excercise that right. But its our choice, our freedom.
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