Thursday, March 10, 2005

This comb over really makes me hot! Keep your hands to yourselves ladies

Ok I am completely certain that patents are totally fucked. Perhaps you have heard of the Amazon one click patent? Or perhaps heard about the guy who patented hyperlinks? Well I just got wind that some dude actually and successfully patented the comb over! I am speechless. One of my favorite past times is wandering through the grocery store with my girlfriend Chuck laughing our asses off at the bad (aren't they all) comb overs. Hell we even have code words worked out so that we can bring attention to these clever (now patented) works of hair stlying art without embarassing... wait a minute [why the fuck should we work to not embarass the dumb ass motherfucker who decided to go out in public in a fucking comb over? ] You can check the patent here Just a question but who do you sue when the wind messes up your patented hair style? I sure hope this was done simply as an act to demonstrate how out of touch with reality the US patent office is. Dog help us if this is serious.

I personally want to patent the Bitch Slap™, or perhaps one of the other various pimping techniques I employ on a daily basis.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Clean up your damn break points, bitch.

Just a quick note about slow debugging in visual 2003. This was driving me nuts, I was ready to bring my uzi to work. When debugging everytime I would step through one line of code, say a variable assigment it would take nearly a second and a half! However I found that having many break points set, especially in modules that can not be evaluated causes this. If you clear the break points except for the few that could be hit in the current debug context the performance comes back to where you expect it to be. Also having fewer variables in the watch window seems to improve on debug performance as well.

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