Friday, January 28, 2005

playing with karma

I have been a huge fan and full developer in the .net arena since its formal release in 2002 and probably a year before that in the beta stage. Version 2 is just around the corner and by all visible signs it is going to be nothing less then a spectaluar piece of software/technology. However today for the first time ever I ran into a problem with .net. I was working away programming, debugging, scratching my ass and then went to compile some new code changes and got a wierd error, now what is really wierd about this is I am developing in ASP.NET and no where in my code do I reference Windows.Forms namespace, so this problem was clearly with the runtime. Further when I would try to compile I would get a bogus error message saying there was a string error in my resx files converting from UTF8 to UNICODE. I also noticed that other vendor supplied applications that run on .net would not run anymore. What's wierd is that nothing changed, I know because I run checksums on all files and settings and conferred nothing had changed based on checksums. So I did the regular searches on "google" (doesn't it just suck total ass lately?) of course nothing showed up but poorly answered forum questions. To cut to the chase I uninstalled the framework and SDK and re-installed (about 5 minutes of effort) and voila, everything was working. I know this problem was caused by a rogue DLL somewhere but what and where I'm sure I'll never know.

anyway, after 3 solid of years of professional daily use. Hitting nearly every possible use/function within the system and this is my first problem (albeit mysterious) I can honestly say that the .NET is still my technology/platform of choice.

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