Monday, June 28, 2004

Music, Music, Music -

Sometimes I feel, like I'm living my life on cruise control, getting up in the morning, shower, go to work, put my head down, 5 o'clock lift my head and drive home, eat dinner, then a small activity usually trivial like washing my car or tweaking something here or there on the car or perhaps a few rounds of killing people then its time for bed again usually with no fond memories. This goes on for weeks on end but I'll get back to this shortly.

I absolutely despise the radio, not for what it is I actually love what it is (technologically speaking), I despise it because of how people use it or maybe its always been that way. You could have the best band/music/song it doesn't matter unless the very few people who hold the reigns decide to put it on the radio you will never hear it. You poor fool, like something that's maybe a little edgy or "different", ha ha fuck you you're not going hear it. Anyways I guess if you like the music that is played on popular radio today I guess you really will not be able to relate to me on this. And let's face it people do listen to the radio and do like what they hear. About a year ago I got a job that is roughly 60 kilometers from where I live, which translates into roughly an hour and half driving each way. In that time I have a lot of time to listen to music yet I get so frustrated that I turned entirely to listening to the CBC news or my CD collection. Frustrated that they keep regurgitate the same stuff over and over again most of which I don't care for. So why do I get so frustrated? I'm not sure, there really isn't much of a solution I'm afraid. If you were to take what is being played on the radio and replace it with stuff that isn't being played on the radio you really aren't fixing anything your just pissing the people off that currently like what's on the radio. Why can't they simply play more selection then the same 40 songs over and over again? Or have selected shows that offer more variety then what is currently offered? I'm not sure but I think people will say "tried that and it didn't work" but I have never seen it tried.

Back in 1997 I toyed with internet radio stations, this seemed rather promising but to my horror most internet radio stations at least the ones I could find were no different then the analog radio stations I could find on my analog radio. That was the end of that. Damn it.

I got bored back in February and decided to do a google search on the term "Industrial" which happens to be my favourite genre of music. After some useless page hits I found a link to a Toronto internet radio station, tuned in and was blown away! Music I actually liked and not just one song here or there but many many songs in a row and new music too, music from bands I have never heard of. Back to my boring life, I felt like someone just turned the cruise control off and let me live a little. I cannot explain how a little "good" music has made me come alive at least when I'm listening to it. So newly invigorated I did more searches and found which I'm sure many people already know about but it's a great place to find internet radio stations of any genre. Now I just need a way to get these internet radio stations in my car. Anyone for helping me setup a streaming service of internet content to mobile devices???? Anyone played with Satellite radio? Is it any better or just more of the same?

For the more adventurous here is a cool song (with lyrics) check it out, you might like it Wolfsheim - She Said

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