Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Copyright friend or foe?

I really don't know where I sit on the copyright issue. In some cases I am for it but in others I am totally against it. Copyright is an outdated thing in my mind, companies are turning to "patents" these days to protect their stuff anyway. There are more legal foot holds with patents then with copyrights but both are only good for the people with the most money to defend either. Interestingly today there is two articles on Ars Technica one deals with software patents and the other deals with copyright. I think we need a new model for artists, singers, songwriters, etc to be able to publish their art in a copyright free model. Where the artist is compensated but users are free to copy and distribute at will. Sounds very idealistic and quite frankly is very socialist in nature (add will definitely never happen). But perhaps we pay an art tax and artists become employees of the people and art becomes something of our social fabric like public drinking water. Unfortunately nothing will be done to level the playing field in either the copyright or patent arena at least not in Canada, companies make too damn much money from copyright and patents and we all know who the priveledge citizens are don't we? In the end we the end users suffer because with every new technology adancement and new bill passed into law fair use diminishes. One day there will no longer be such a thing as fair use.

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