Friday, January 28, 2005

playing with karma

I have been a huge fan and full developer in the .net arena since its formal release in 2002 and probably a year before that in the beta stage. Version 2 is just around the corner and by all visible signs it is going to be nothing less then a spectaluar piece of software/technology. However today for the first time ever I ran into a problem with .net. I was working away programming, debugging, scratching my ass and then went to compile some new code changes and got a wierd error, now what is really wierd about this is I am developing in ASP.NET and no where in my code do I reference Windows.Forms namespace, so this problem was clearly with the runtime. Further when I would try to compile I would get a bogus error message saying there was a string error in my resx files converting from UTF8 to UNICODE. I also noticed that other vendor supplied applications that run on .net would not run anymore. What's wierd is that nothing changed, I know because I run checksums on all files and settings and conferred nothing had changed based on checksums. So I did the regular searches on "google" (doesn't it just suck total ass lately?) of course nothing showed up but poorly answered forum questions. To cut to the chase I uninstalled the framework and SDK and re-installed (about 5 minutes of effort) and voila, everything was working. I know this problem was caused by a rogue DLL somewhere but what and where I'm sure I'll never know.

anyway, after 3 solid of years of professional daily use. Hitting nearly every possible use/function within the system and this is my first problem (albeit mysterious) I can honestly say that the .NET is still my technology/platform of choice.

Hey man, glad your problem was only with the runtime - would have sucked if it was something totally wierd that would have caused you to re-install.

I have a question though. I know how to get around in ASP (6.0).. how hard would it be for someone without formal training, to become familiar enough with .NET to do the same type of POST/FETCH/DISPLAY operations to and from a database via web.

I've wanted to "convert" for a while, but:
A) don't have a copy, but that's my problem.
B) Don't really have the time to invest unless I'm going to be able to get results quickly (as with everyone time is precious), and
C) I'm afraid I'll waste my time and end up having it be more difficult to execute the simple functions that I'm using now in ASP.

The only thing that keeps me interested in switching is that obviously one day ASP support will no longer exist in IIS, and I'll have to switch to something else.

Sorry for the long comment, but it's late and I'm kinda rambling.

Thx, Later.

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I would have to say you really shouldn't have too many problems with asp to conversion. You don't need much to try it out either, you can download the SDK for free from MS and you can also download the web matrix software from MS which is a free visual development tool for Many of the current constructs like embedding code in the (.aspx) page within <% %> code blocks is still supported or you can use a code behind page which does the same thing only keeps everything cleaner. You can still write your code in VB only some small changes have been made to the language which wouldn't be very hard to learn. Also getting and retrieving data from a database is even easier with because of the data binding server controls. if you have a simple page in asp that you would want to do the equivalent in Email it to me and I can send you the version and you can compare them.
Thanks man, I'll do just that. I'll send two pages if that's okay - one will be to input the data, the other will be to retrieve/display it.

By the way, do not feel in any way shape or form that you have to be nice to my code. Tear it apart, tell me what I did wrong, and why it sucks if it does. I'd rather learn the hard way, than get it done the wrong way.

My first real "issue" happened just this week as well although, unlike yours, that resolved itself with freshing DLL's mine seemed to be unsupported functionality that "should" have worked.

It involved adding attributes to a ListItem object on Server Side drop down list.

Seems like the Attributes.Add(x,y) works for everything except this.

You've got 2 choices. You can either switch to a HTMLSelect control and run it as a Server Control or you can override the Databind and Page Render methods to force your attributes in that way.

Either way, it sucks that I spent an hour trying to figure out what was happening.

Just as a side note, the "double-hop" limitation/security feature in IIS is a real pain in the ass. I understand it's implementation but there's got to be a better way.
What kind of attribute were you trying to add to a dropdown? Were you trying to put somekind of event handler on it?
no, just an additional value.
listItem.attributes.add(Key = "MyExtraValue", Value = 3)
Ahh, ic, I bet you did databinding to the list box already? At that point in time the listbox is imutable. You have to add the the data to the datatable before you bind, if you can't do that, you could add a page.registerstartupscript and in there put the javascript to add the value to the list box. The attribute method literally just adds the attribute to the <SELECT> tag itself. So in your example the attribute method would have resulted in this <SELECT myExtraValue="3" > if it allowed it at all.
Didn't call a databind command but added the dataset by looping thru with a reader and adding the listitems that way.
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