Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Fun with labotomies

I have shit luck, I have my whole life. A few weeks ago I was playing volleyball in a rather old school and found myself diving for a ball, not sure why cause we suck anyway and 9 times out of 10 we lose. Picking myself off the old and rather rough floor, I found both my knee and my elbow hurt, and I wasn't sure which I should favour first. I should have favoured my elbow first because it turns out I ripped it open. Now my entire body and especially my elbow is almost one big scar, I have cut and injured myself so many times that I basically have scar on top of scar(back to that shit luck thing again) I turns out this cut was unique, just under an inch long, nothing to write home about, but there was soft white tissue hanging out of the cut, it was rather wierd, when I touched it, it felt like I was touching myself on the inside. So of course my standard reaction is to do nothing, "it'll heal just fine on its own". However talking with my biatch and advice from the pharmacist I went to get it stiched up. Long story short, everything was fine for two weeks, Friday afternoon about an hour before work was done it started to hurt and I noticed my elbow was starting to swell, again my standard response "Ahh, it's fine, I've lived through worse". By the next morning my elbow had swelled to roughly 3 times its normal size and I was starting to get a fever (most likely from the poison running through my system). So I went to the ER and got it checked out. Of course the nurses and doctors gave me shit for not looking after it and had a good chuckle to most of my responses to their questions. Now I have had swollen infected cuts before and my action as well as the doctors action was to lance it and drain the fluid, not this time. The doctor ordered a healthy diet of anti-biotics administered through IV. I've never had IV before but I find the idea of needles to be repulsive. The nurse hooked me up to IV and within 5 minutes I completely passed out, I must have been out for quite a while cause when I came to, every nurse and doctor in the area was looking over me, very concerned. Now i'm on IV meds for 10 days, and have a semi-permanant IV hookup in my arm, so no volleyball, no snowboarding (basically no living) for the next 10 days.

Well it's good that you're ok.
Pretty freaky stuff though.

Did u ever figure out what that thing hanging out of your arm was?
Dude, I'm glad you're okay.. that's fuct. I've heard more stories since the beginning of 2005 about people putting off checking on health issues, and finding out they're worse than they really are (not including yours Mark) than I ever have before in my life.

I'm also curious to know what the white thing was...

Not sure, the doctor wouldn't tell me. I find doctors to be way too condecending. Perhaps the next time they have a computer problem, I should talk down to them? Put them in their place perhaps?
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