Monday, February 07, 2005

The ghosts have battle ready flamingos

Been really digging playing some Ghost Recon lately. I recently pulled out the CD and blew off the dust loaded er up, then applied all kinds of patches and mods, HX5 setting sun in particular. And started playing some modded co-op online. Ghost recon if you're not familiar, is a first person tactical shooter. With the HX5 mod the co-op multi-player is taken to a crazy new level. On some maps you have 85+ tangos and they are deadly accurate and are rushing at you. Woohoo, hit the deck cheek your rifle and start unloading and hope you are accurate with your shots, cause while you're reloading they'll steady up and plant several 7.62 rounds in your skull. Average life span on some these maps is 4 seconds. Crazy amounts of fun.

Gaming? Hrmm.. not sure I remember what that is.. it's been so long.

Some letters are floating around in my mind, but I just can't remember what they mean: M O H A A


ahhh yes the mighty mighty MOHAA. I was just thinking about the good ol MOHAA days. I still have it loaded if anybody is down for an online game of assault???
lol - I haven't had it loaded in a long time. I have to actually go out and buy a copy. My cd'z stopped working a while back. I miss the good ole days of attacking or defending the guns on Omaha beach!
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