Wednesday, September 21, 2005

been a while

it's been a while. and for some good reasons. since february 16th of this year i have been working almost constantly on getting a new home. it started by realising that I wanted a house with a pool, and also realising that i didn't really care for my current house. so I hooked up with a real estate agent and started the search for a new pen. i never knew how much work it is to find a house you want to buy. roger my real estate agent would setup roughly two house walk throughs a night each one lasting roughly an hour a piece. we started looking in a smallish town north of toronto called Bolton, that on the surface seemed like a good idea, it was roughly half way between my work and chuck's. but once we actually started driving there to look at houses we realised it might as well be on the other side of the earth, it took almost 45 minutes for either of us to get there from brampton, and that's in non rush hour traffic. we also noticed that the houses in bolton typically cost $20 to $30k more then a similar house in brampton. the other off putting about bolton was the severe lack of houses with pools, while looking not one house with a pool was on the market, south of $700k. so I focused more on brampton, however this time looking in an older part of brampton. I was shocked when I found many houses that fit my criteria and matched the price I was willing to pay. so long story short, we found a house we liked, but needed some major renovations, like new kitchen, two new bathrooms, new furnace/air conditioner, basement. But never one to shy away from a bad thing we bought it and began a summer long work marathon renovating the house. I touched my computer roughly twice the whole summer outside of checking email. so now that summer is over and there is an almost complete working kitchen time to start writing again, not that anyone reads these.

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