Monday, September 26, 2005

Belief in politics

I read the weekly commentary over at and I find it amusing to hear how absurd some people's beliefs are. On this weeks commentary there is an article about a canadian ex-cabinet minister. I'm not sure if federal or provincial. However he believes that UFOs are real and governments are covering it up. You can read the article here . How is someones full belief in UFOs anymore nonsense then one's belief in any form of religion? If you believe in something, you're not rationalizing or producing logical conclusions based on facts or evidence. I find it amusing that people can be scared that a politician can be "in charge of the nation" and yet believe in stupidity like UFOs yet people en mass don't bat an eye at the fact that they (the politicians) also believe in equally stupid ideas such as God, or Jesus, or Allah. It's kind of like saying your imaginary friend is sillier then my imaginary friend.

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